Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Great New adventure in Photography

I have a great photographic opportunity coming up that I wanted to let you know about….  

Up to now my Roundstone Regatta Workshops have included a trip out in a boat to photograph the traditional sailing crafts the Galway hookers and traditional rowing boats the Curragh's.

This year I intend to hire a boat for the full day on 2 Sundays in mid to late July, Sunday 17 and Sunday 24th July for the purpose of shooting Galway Hookers and then some. 

·         Sunday the 17th is Mac Darra Day the patron Saint of the area and of the Boatmen. On this feast day mass is said on the island (see link below). The boats are then blessed as they file past the Island. There is a race after between the different Hooker boats and also curragh races. This is usually the largest collection of Hookers during the season.

·         Sunday the 24th is the Roundstone Regatta by far the most accessible regatta of the year. Whereas most of the regattas are held in inshore bays Roundstone boats go out into the outer bay where the photography is much better as there are less land distractions (poles wires and modern houses etc.) giving you clear views and excellent opportunities.

We are still working out full Itinerary for the day, but you can expect a full and great days Photography.
 I hope to visit one or two abandoned islands, weather and tides permitting! I also hope to shoot some birds from the boat, a challenge I can assure you (esp. with a life jacket on) and in between I’m sure we will be able to drop a line over the side.

Whereas up to now I would have only hired a boat for couple of hours this time we will have the boat for the full day.

Our Captain for both days is renowned boat man Martin O'Malley. Martin is an exceptional Boat man himself who knows the Connemara coast line better than most.Martin is a well respected Guide and boatman and constantly in demand for projects involving the rugged Connemara coastline. Martin also enjoys photography and bird watching himself so is very aware of our needs and can anticipate where to be even before you know it.

The Boat holds 6:  Martin, myself and four others.

That's 8 spaces (4 for each day) available so come and join Martin and myself for what promises to be a very special days photography. The only thing I cannot guarantee is the weather.

The cost for the boat for the day is  80euros per person.

If you need accommodation I can arrange that and get some discounted value if the group stay in the one place. And for anyone arriving Friday or Saturday I will make myself available to act as tour guide and show you some of my special places for photography.
Please let me know your preferred date and if accommodation is required.
If you require any further details please let me know by return mail or I can be contacted at.

Or Mobile 085 7778939

To whet your appetite see some of my Hooker shots at http://www.dynamicphotography.ie/Galleries.html

And Info on the Rounstone Regatta can be found here http://www.roundstoneregatta.com/

If I missed anyone you think might be interested please forward this to them

Kind regards